Month: December 2015

Two Must-Try SEO Services for Any Website


Maybe you are not a fan of SEO companies, so you try your own self-SEO service instead. Many websites have their own SEO specialists to help them out with internet marketing and search engine ranking, while some bloggers have already mastered the art of going viral, so they have a little need for professional assistance. In fact, you can be your own SEO specialist who does his own SEO service depending on the immediate need since you understand your website and marketing plans more than anybody else.

However, if there are two services that are better left to the professionals, they would be the ones listed below. Check out these services and hopefully, you decide towards availing them.

1. Website redesigning

Unlike interior designing that you can just play with and inject your own personality the way you like it, website designing is as crucial as the online marketing plan itself because search engine page ranking is greatly affected by the design through the computer languages used.

For example, creating menus using JavaScript is perhaps the coolest way to do it since it offers more flexibility when it comes to the creative aspect. Unfortunately, it cannot be read by search engines when scanning for cross links within a website, so that lowers your relevance rate and accessibility.

Flash is another creative tool that allows developers to play with widgets and layouts because of its capacity. There is a big chance that your website uses Flash most of the time as well, but do you know that search engines cannot detect Flash as they do with plain, simple HTML texts?

HTML might be a little dull and boring for your taste (and your readers, most probably), and it is not exactly a reliable one when it comes to website designing. However, it is still the most reliable when it comes to internet marketing, so unless you want to stay out of the radar of netizens, it is suggested that you avail website redesigning SEO service so the professionals can determine how to incorporate elements that make you relevant and visible, and elements that make your website look attractive.

2. Internal link structure optimization

This SEO service is a part of content management, but fixing the internal linking is another important matter that should be dealt with properly. A properly managed internal linking structure leads to higher conversion rate, or the rate at which webpages make money through ads and other online income-generating activities, and lower bounce rate, or the rate at which visitors leave the website due to lack of convenient internal navigation.

Unfortunately for many websites that are singlehandedly managed and those that already have hundreds to thousands of contents without proper archiving and updating, fixing the internal linking structure will no longer be as simple as it is for newly launched websites because the anchor texts, meta tags, alt tags, title tags, resource inks and back links might also move or be needed for modification. This is especially true for updated contents that did not have updated anchoring texts and tags.

The conversion rate and bounce rate of each article should also be taken into consideration for proper positioning within the website. Here, you can determine which ones to update both for on-page and off-page optimization, archiving and re-launching for internet marketing (i.e. resubmission to article directories, indexing sites, affiliates, etc.). It is also possible that the Content Management System (CMS) you are using is not that efficient for web crawlers, which badly affects your search engine ranking.

Unless you have time for all of these without abandoning your duty to continuously produce contents and interact with readers, it is most practical to just hire an SEO specialist to perform this particular SEO service for you.

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