Month: December 2016 Making Things Easier for You

Brick and mortar stores are a dying breed. Now with just a few clicks in your computer, you can already do your shopping and even have all these delivered to your home. Such is the advantage brought about by technology.

At, we make sure that you enjoy all these conveniences and more. is the authority when it comes to manufacturing high quality custom patches. They make patches for the military, sports clubs, corporations, and just about any organization you can  think of.

Patches are a good way of marketing. In fact, there is ease of recall most especially when the known logos are incorporated with the company colors. For others, wearing an association’s patch makes them proud as it creates a sense of belongingness. Still, others wear the patches on jackets, shirts or pants as they feel hip wearing these.

How Patches are created? makes sure that ordering your patches is done as easily as counting one to three. The first of the steps involves the customer giving specifications (or a sample artwork) which will be made the basis for coming up with the patch design. Here, color preferences, size of the patch, area of design and form are agreed upon. Next, the digital proof is done after which we confirm with you acceptability. It may please you to note that we will not be making any patch unless you are 100% satisfied with the proof. When the proof has been approved, it is only then that manufacture of the patches start.

Custom Patches

At times, customers will approach us having only a general idea of what they actually want to appear in the patch. In this case, our artists will be more than happy to design a patch according to what you want.

Size of the patch is determined based on its length and width

Thus, for an odd shaped patch, height of the patch is added to the length. The resulting number is then divided by 2 to come up with the patch size.

The website contains the different colors of the twill (the material where the patch is to be embroidered) and the thread that can be used for it. The price of the first seven colors is already included in the standard quote for each piece. Only if you use more than 7 colors on your patch will you need to pay for an additional fee.

Designs on the patch may either have 50 or 75% embroidery in which case, you will have to choose a twill color that will complement your patch colors. If you decide to have 100% embroidery, then the twill color would not actually matter.


The price of the patch is also dependent on the specific number of pieces you will be ordering. You can order a minimum of 10 to as much as 2,000 patches. Of course, the higher the number of orders, the cheaper the resulting piece price will become.

There are different patch backing options you can choose from when it comes to putting the patch on your clothing item. You can choose whether to use a Velcro (for multiple uses) or a tape (for less permanent use) if you opt for the easy stick on option. Others prefer an iron on patch where you just have to use an iron and cloth over the patch for it to stay glued. If you want your patches to become even firmer so you can further extend their use, then you can use the plastic backing with the iron on. Another option in wearing the patch is to attach a button loop to it. This type will just need something to hang it on in the cloth. Of course, these add-ons entail some additional costs on top of the initial cost.

Patches are capable of serving a variety of purposes – From being mobile marketing tools to club membership distinction patches, to sports team memberships, or even just as accessories to everyday clothing. These instill pride to the wearer. Be it in the boardroom or the playing field, having a well-crafted patch speaks well of the organization you represent and we, at, will definitely be there whenever you need us. provide various types of patches with unique design and good quality. You can also order your patch online by patches4less.