Author: Mary Tucker

Different Golf Apparel for that Winning Look and Drive

Golf is a posh and elegant sport. It is only fitting for the golf apparel to exude the same aura. The clothing, shoes, and other accessories can make you look chic and stylish, and at the same time provide you the ease and comfort that you need while playing golf.

However, golf equipment and apparel are usually costly. If you are a novice golf player with limited budget, then you might get discouraged by the prices of the different golf equipment and accessories. Luckily there are suppliers of golf needs, like, that sell quality merchandise at affordable prices.

If you have just started or has a plan to start playing golf, it is recommended to check out merchants like so you don’t need to sacrifice anything just to support the sport you love. You need the different golf apparel and equipment to play confidently and with ease.

You must have already known the different golf equipment. You also need to know the different apparel that can help you win your game and make you look stunning.

Shirts and Tops

Majority of golf clubs or golf courses require golfers to wear collared shirts or tops. Although there may be some golf courses that allow players to wear t-shirts, it is still more appropriate to wear something with a collar.

The tops can be long-sleeved or short-sleeved. However, if you are going to play in hot weather, it is advisable to choose the short-sleeved collared shirt. It is also recommended to wear something light and airy during hot days.

There are also available rain wear and jackets that a golfer is allowed to wear during rainy or cold days. The jackets and rain wear are usually body fit or they nearly hug the body to avoid obstructing the movement of the golf player as he or she swings the golf club.

When choosing between waterproof and water-resistant jackets, it is best to choose a waterproof one because it can keep the rain water from seeping through.

The Right Pants and Shorts for Men

Golf Apparel for MenThe required golf apparel bottoms for men are pants and shorts. If the golf course requires a particular dress code for men, then it should be followed. A golf course or club does not permit any golfer to play if he does not follow the rules. If the pants or shorts have belt loops, a golfer may also wear a belt.

Private country clubs usually require the men to wear long pants like khakis and slacks. Wearing of jeans are not allowed. The allowed shorts are usually Bermuda-style shorts that are longer than usual. Men are expected to tuck in their tops or shirts into their shorts or pants.

The Right Pants, Shorts, and Skirts for Women

Women are allowed to wear long pants, skirts, shorts, golf dress, and skorts. A skort is actually a pair of shorts that resemble a skirt more than the typical shorts.

The skirts and golf dresses must follow a certain length, they should not go beyond four inches above the knees. Micro-mini dresses, skorts, and shorts are not allowed when playing golf.

Women are also not allowed to wear jeans, although they can wear slacks or khakis.

Golf Shoes

Golf shoes provide the golf players extra grip and traction to gain sturdy footing. A golf player needs to gain maximum stability as he makes his swing.

Most golf courses do not require wearing of golf shoes, but it is highly recommended to always wear a pair of golf shoes whenever you play golf because they can give you the stability that you need. They can also prevent you from slipping when walking on slippery and wet green.

You play a grand sport, it is only right to look your best and play with all you got. The right golf apparel can help you achieve your goal to win while looking chic and classy.