Symptoms of a Business in Need of Motivational Speakers

If you are managing a business, you would know that your success depends largely on your human resources. You may have the most advanced and highly sophisticated tools and equipment in the industry but all of this would be for naught if your manpower is not living up to their potential and not delivering results.

We at have encountered several organizations which experienced decrease in sales, lack of productivity from their workers, and other negative issues within the office for a period of time despite a lot of meetings and words of encouragement from top management. After assessing their situation, they came to us and we knew right away that what they need are sessions with excellent motivational speakers.

If your business is having similar concerns but you are not certain if you need external help, you may want to look for the following signs or symptoms:


  • Drastic organizational changes

    Need of Motivational SpeakersIs your company undergoing structural changes? Will you be transferring, re-assigning or downsizing your manpower in the near future? Top management may feel a rush of excitement when undergoing organizational changes because of the big goals they want to accomplish but this situation can bring panic to employees. While you can do your best to communicate the good it will bring to the company, employees will still get anxious because they feel unsure of their stand in the company.

    When you have already exhausted all possible means to encourage your employees but to no avail, external motivational speakers might do a better job because of their skills and expertise in communication.

  • Declining employee morale

    Is absenteeism and tardiness a consistent problem among your employees? Are your sales declining for some time? These are just some of the telltale signs of employees with low morale or low motivation. Oftentimes, you can boost morale by offering incentives, improving their physical working environment, and providing other external motivation.

    Unfortunately, the positive effects of such measure will only be temporary if you will not be able to improve the employees’ internal motivation at the same time. Ultimately, it is still desirable to have employees that are internally driven rather than those who get motivated by monetary and material compensation. Tapping motivational speakers who are experts in bringing the root cause of low morale to the surface will greatly help your business.

  • Stagnant or lack of new business ideas

    Business IdeasThe only way for organizations to survive at this day and age of cutthroat competition is by staying relevant. It means your creative juices should be continuously flowing in order for you to have a competitive advantage.

    Unfortunately, there will be times when your team will lose inspiration and be on a slump in terms of bringing in fresh ideas on the table. When you start lagging behind competition, your sales and profit will be affected and if the same drags on, the entire organization will suffer. Having several sessions with a bankable motivational speaker can bring needed inspiration and new ideas.

  • Your employees appear to be on a lull

    Are your employees not doing poorly but are not doing as well as they should too? If you already achieved your annual goal, being on a lull may not be so bad. However, if you still have much to improve but your employees tend to be complacent since they are meeting “average” expectations then it becomes a problem; especially if it remains this way. What would be most profitable and advantageous for you company is having overachievers rather than talented individuals not living up to their potential. Inviting a motivational speaker who has the experience and effective communication skills can awaken the fire in your employees.

  • Frequent conflicts among employees

    Healthy competition among employees is an effective way to ensure that every member of the organization is exerting their best effort. However, if the same is already causing conflict among employees, then it will harm the entire company in the long run. Management may not be the best people to handle such issues especially if they are not skilled enough to show non-bias. Getting the services of a professional motivational speaker can address this issue and prevent similar happenings in the future.

The symptoms above are some of the more observable signs that you need motivational speakers in your business. You need to be vigilant and quick in making the decision as delay may slowly (but surely) break your company in the long run. We at have built longstanding relationship with our clients since they have seen and experience the positive impact of our speakers in their organization.


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